Running is the common base for many sports. It plays a dominant role during training and warm-ups. Although it is easy to do, this sport is actually very demanding and the foot is continually tested and subject to many violent impacts.

From the moment the heel hits the ground until the toes leave the ground, they provide your foot with a unique combination of comfort, stability and support.

For all types of ground, for occasional runners or specialists, our insoles absorb shock and help to prevent injuries and blisters. Reducing muscle tiredness and foot pain, they provide pleasure, prevention and performance with each stride!


Why do you need insoles for running?

  • To absorb and dissipate the shock waves when the heel touches the ground.
  • To safeguard your body: absorption of vibrations, and prevention of injury.
  • To stabilise the foot.
  • To avoid excessive pressure (rubbing, sensation of overheating, stress fractures).
  • To preserve body alignment


The Custom Made Insole

The ultimate custom solution specifically for running. From heel strike to toe-off, this insole will provide a unique combination of comfort, customised fit and foot guidance. Pleasure, injury prevention and performance at every step.