When you practise a sport, you find it logical to choose shoes that are suited to your activity. However, specialised shoes are still not adapted to your feet because they are mass-produced. Your remedy is to use insoles that have been personalised to fit the morphology of your feet. This will prevent discomfort and pain.


Why do you need insoles for playing sport? 

  • To improve body alignment
  • To absorb and dissipate the impact when your heel strikes the ground
  • To stabilise the foot and hold it in the best possible position inside the footwear (to avoid cramp and blisters)
  • To safeguard your body: absorption of vibrations, prevention of injury to muscles and tendons
  • To avoid excessive pressure (sensation of overheating, rubbing, stress fractures)

The aim is to enable you to practise your support, without having to worry about your feet, to improve comfort, performance and relaxation.