Your foot is the foundation on which your body is built. Your entire weight rests on just a few square centimetres. Your foot has a role in stability, shock absorption and propulsion. It is therefore an essential factor in maintaining the balance and well-being of your body.

Over time your foot’s muscular strength diminishes, your foot tends to sag, become deformed and aches and pains can develop, our insoles can help with this…


Why do you need insoles? 

  • By gently aligning and supporting the foot, insoles can help to alleviate the symptoms of many foot conditions, including plantarfasciitis, mortons neuroma, overpronation and arthritic change
  • To absorb and dissipate the impact when your heel strikes the ground
  • To stabilise the foot and hold it in the best possible position inside the footwear
  • To safeguard your body: absorption of vibrations, prevention of injury to muscles and tendons
  • To avoid excessive pressure
  • To preserve body alignment and help alleviate knee and back pain
  • To provide stability, to help to improve confidence and hope to reduce the risk of falling


The Custom Made Insole

The ultimate custom made insole solution will provide you with lasting comfort and support for your feet and body, day after day.