Our custom made insoles can also help with the bike stage, they transfer 100% of your force to the bike, without energy loss.


Bike-triathlon-AlignmentWhy do you need insoles for biking?

  • To optimise your position on the bike to ensure better muscular coordination and more power at each pedal movement
  • To align your knees and safeguard your body (prevention of injury to muscles and tendons)
  • To stabilise the foot and hold it in the best possible position inside the footwear (prevent cramp and blisters)
  • To avoid excessive pressure (rubbing)

They provide you with support, comfort, alignment = complete transfer of your effort to the bike. No more lost energy…


The Custom Made Biking Insole

The ultimate custom solution specifically for biking. A brand new insole, with an uncompromising structure for total foot support & alignment. Comfortable feet, providing a great knee alignment, for 100% force transfer to the bike.