If there was such a thing as a six star review I would award it to Graham

I have recently been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my right hip and am in pain daily. I was referred by a friend to the Foot and Insole clinic in Whalley run by Graham and Liz.

I arrived at Graham and Liz’s with some scepticism. Within minutes I realised this was  totally unfounded. Graham checked each foot thoroughly and after standing on numerous hi tech devices including a  pressure plate a detailed computer display of each foot was visible on screen. Graham then proceeded to talk me through in great detail the mechanics of my feet, Where my feet deviated from normal and what needed to be done to correct them. Graham also detected a discrepancy in leg length which had never been picked up in numerous prior NHS apppintments.
Graham then proceeded to mould and manufacture bespoke “full length” insoles as I watched on with interest. The entire appointment was an hour and a half. I had been thoroughly examined, provided with a detailed copy of my own personal report and left with the insoles inside my boots! The insoles feel fantastic and my posture almost instantly improved owing to the adjustment made for leg length discrepancy. I am confident the insoles will only help with my on going  hip problem.
If there was such a thing as a six star review I would award it to Graham and Liz. Cannot reccommend this outstanding business highly enough. Many thanks to you both and I will be returning for more insoles in the future.
Rod Taggart, Lancashire, December 2017

It is worth the drive from North Devon

“Whilst on holiday I came in to get my feet measured and a pair of insoles made. Having suffered from a Mortons Neuroma for over 8 years I was suffering increasing pain and discomfort whilst walking and was seriously considering giving up hillwalking. However, the insoles and boots are fantastic and for the first time in years I am able to relax when out walking and don’t have to constantly think about how I put my foot to the ground. The whole experience was very slick and professional and having been told I needed wide boots for years the Narrow Alt Bergs are great. I will be back in the spring for a summer weight pair and insoles for them. It is worth the drive from North Devon to you to get them fitted so well. Thank you.”

Marilyn Sloane, North Devon, January 2016

I am now pain free..

“I came in to the shop at the beginning of 2015 with severe knee pain and back pain, the doctors had no idea what to do for me other than treating it with drugs! The team astounded me by introducing me to custom fit insoles by Graham.

The insoles have literally changed my life. For the first 2 months my body ached from all the changes that the insoles began to make on me but after that period of time I suddenly appeared out the other side, I am now pain free – much to my surprise! I wear my insoles every day in every pair of shoes I wear and my quality of life has greatly improved. I am on my second pair of insoles and the results are just as good if not better! Thank you so much!”

Nicola Wilkinson, January 2015

Thank you very much for the brilliant service…

“After the first week walking every day,no lower back pain,no calf muscle ache.The walking shoes but more importantly the insoles, are superb. Thank you very much for the brilliant service.”

Ray Clarke, July 15

Thank You!

“I went to the Foot and Insole Specialist after having a painful toe for a couple of months. The insoles have made my pain so much better! Graham also advised about what kind of exercises would help too. An A* service!”

Lindsay, September 2016
Wouldn’t go anywhere else for walking boots and insoles now testimonial image

Wouldn’t go anywhere else for walking boots and insoles now

“After many years of wearing uncomfortable and unsuitable hiking boots and many problems with my feet later I gave in to my husbands constant nagging to buy a pair of custom fit boot and insoles from WWD, I wish I had done it years ago and listened to him when I put my boots on with my new insoles I felt like I was walking on air, they make such a difference when measured and fitted correctly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now for hiking boots, the whole process from choosing the boots, the fitting, even being shown how to tie the laces correctly was first class with excellent customer service as was the service for the insole fitting. I would highly recommend WWD, this is a family run business and my thanks to Liz and Graham for a first class service.”

Angela Scott, Durham, December 2015

Like having a specialist physio appointment…

“As a regular golfer, over the last year I have increasingly been suffering from foot aches and pains towards the end of 18 holes…that was until I was custom fitted with some specialist sports insoles. These slip into my Footjoys, replacing the rather flimsy insole that come with the shoes, giving much more stability and an instant improvement.  I would recommend WW&D to anyone in a similar situation.  The knowledge the staff in there have is like having a specialist physio appointment! Many thanks guys!!”

Alastair Walmsley, March 15
Noene absorb any shock… testimonial image

Noene absorb any shock…

“I use different insoles for different reasons, all purchased from Whalley Warm and Dry.

2mm Noene for my running shoes, 4mm Noene for my trail shoes, Sidas for my everyday trainers, and the cushioned grey ones for my walking boots.
They have all made a difference to the comfort of my feet, enabling me to run / walk further without pain. The ones which I think make the most difference are the 4mm Noene, which absorb any shock when running over rough ground. Can recommend Whalley Warm And Dry for advice regarding foot problems and insoles.”

Susan Hird, June 15

For a friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service…

“I am very happy with my latest pair of custom insoles so I have no hesitation in recommending WW&D.  The knowledge and expertise is exceptional and it is all explained in a simple, understandable way.  Using the most up to date equipment custom insoles are created while you wait.  Customer service is friendly and welcoming.  I was really made to feel that I was a valued customer.  My last pair of custom insoles were purchased here and I had no problem with them so I had no hesitation in returning for my next pair and when the time comes I will return again.

For a friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service this is the place to go to.  Situated in the lovely town of Whalley I always take a little time for a wander around and a coffee whilst I am in the area.”

Gianluca Cocco, July 15
Best Foot Forward testimonial image

Best Foot Forward

As someone who is currently under a consultant for issues with my feet, knees and lower back, WW&D was recommended by my parents following their success at finding insoles and walking boots. I was apprehensive about my initial visit as I wasn’t sure what WW&D could do and offer me? As I would be needing business dress shoes. How wrong could I be! Instantly I gained confidence in Graham, he clearly knows his subject, is very passionate about ensuring his customers receive the best service he can offer and his knowledge advice and recommendations were first class. In-between my initial visit and subsequent follow up I emailed Graham for advice and clarification re the purchase of some new shoes and received immediate communication. I was able to book an appointment for my custom insoles to be fitted the very next day. The difference is unbelievable, the cost to my health and well being priceless and now I can put my best foot forward. Thank-you Graham and all at WW&D.

Christina Robertson, Bolton, October 15


“I came to you a couple of months ago and had some custom made insoles done.  X-ballerina, biker, hiker, South African? Insteps like the Arc d’Triomphe?  Anyway, they have revolutionised my life!  I can’t walk for miles and miles but I can enjoy short walks and shopping without being in excruciating pain. The biggest surprise was  that when I put them in my waders I had no more pain from the hydrostatic pressure!  So no need to make the toe caps!   Also, my gait has improved significantly and after some initial discomfort in my hips from the altered gait, I now have no more discomfort and stiffness in my hips like I used to have. Magic!”

Anna-Lise Higton, November 14
Plantar Fasciitis… testimonial image

Plantar Fasciitis…

“I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for quite a few months, and have tried different types of insoles to ease the pain and discomfort when walking, but with no real improvement evident.

It was then on a visit to WWD, that I spoke to Liz and Graham about the benefits of custom insoles. I made the decision to proceed with having a pair made, fortunately I was able to get them that same day. That was almost four weeks ago, and have to say it was well worth the expense, my only regret is that I didn’t buy them sooner.”

Philip Colman, June 15

Tennis insoles…

“Hi Graham. Just to let you know how great the insoles are.  I played tennis for over 2 hours yesterday and no tightness in my foot at all since. Many thanks.”

Janet Hill, July 15
I shall certainly recommend the insole service you offer… testimonial image

I shall certainly recommend the insole service you offer…

“I have had my Altberg boots with the bespoke insoles you made for me for  about two months now. They have done several big walks in the Lake District and have just come back from 10 days of challenging mountain walking in the Dolomites. I can honestly say that the boots with the special insole are the most  comfortable I have ever had over all types of terrain. Your tailor-made  insole service is tremendous value for money considering what a  difference the insole makes.

I am a Voluntary Ranger in the Lake District National Park and, as such,  do a lot of hill walking. I shall certainly recommend Altberg boots and the insole service you offer. Thanks again Graham.”

Simon Brown, July 15

I really notice a difference with Noene…

“I really notice the difference when I wear shoes without Noene. My feet and legs don’t ache when wearing them”

Paula Moorhouse, Chorlton, August 15
I am so pleased… testimonial image

I am so pleased…

“I came to see you a few weeks ago with a severe foot problem and you made me some insoles.  I’m just writing to say that I am so pleased as I can now walk full mountain walks with only a few twinges – I’ve done loads of different things before I emailed you ie. 6 big lake district walks, Snowdonia etc etc just to test them out.  My main worry now is leaving the insoles somewhere by mistake!!

Anyway thank you very much.  I was very happy with the time spent and the service you gave.”

Rose Chisholm, July 15

My knees feel 10 years younger…

“Although Noenes are fitted in shoes, my knees feel 10 years younger.”

Mark Watson (age 62), Manchester, August 15
Back for my second pair… testimonial image

Back for my second pair…

“Back for my second pair of insoles, what better recommendation!! Great service from very knowledgeable group people. With my flat feet corrected with these insoles I can now walk twice as far in comfort. Ahhh!”

Dorothy Birch, Blackburn, June 15

Excellent service…

“Excellent service, back for a second pair of custom inner soles. Would thoroughly recommend visiting.”

Sandra Allison, Ilkley, June 15

My feet really feel great

“I have worn insoles all my life, but these are the most comfortable I have had. Born with lower leg and feet problems, the new insoles have straightened my feet and really feel great.”

Debbie Johnson, Oswaldtwistle, May 15

Best Christmas Present Ever!

My husband took me to Whalley Warm and Dry to treat me to a new pair of boots as part of my Christmas present. During the fitting I explained that I constantly suffer from sore aching feet and cramp in my calf muscles. A short consultation later with Graham, the Foot and Insole Specialist, I decided to purchase a trigger point foam roller. I now use it on a regular basis and in just over a month it has helped reduce the discomfort in my calfs and given me more flexibility. Combined with my fantastic new custom insoles, I am looking forward to getting back out walking in comfort.

Alison Sadler, Preston, January 2016
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