Myofascial Release Specialist

Do you suffer from ongoing or referred pain?

Equilibrium assessments, look at your biomechanics and myofascial system, to track the web of injuries and teach you, the tools and skills to be able to work through a personalised program in the safety of your own home.

Sue has developed this program over her 25 years in the fitness and wellbeing industry, as a biomechanics coach and having worked as head trainer for Triggerpoint and numerous training companies across the globe.

The appointment will look at how your mechanics currently work, and address how to restore function and movement throughout your body by using simple exercises and tools to address any dysfunction. Enabling your body to “Train the way you Play in Life”


Date:  21 & 22 October 2016

Location: The Foot & Insole Clinic, 68 Mitton Rd, Whalley, BB7 9RY

Cost: Introductory Offer of £55 for 75 minute postural & biomechanical assessment followed by personalised myofascial release program


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