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    Noene Insole“Although Noenes are fitted in shoes, my knees feel 10 years younger.”
    Mark Watson, Manchester (Age 62)


    NOENE manufacture shock absorbing insoles using a revolutionary vibro-absorbent elastomer material. Despite their 2mm thickness, Noene insoles are capable of absorbing and then dispersing up to 98.8 % of the shockwaves and vibrations generated when we walk or jump. Shockwaves can damage our body from our ankles up to the base of our skull, leading to problems which in extreme cases can be very painful.

    By using NOENE insoles regularly in your everyday life, at work and when practising sport, these insoles protect your joints, thus avoiding the undesirable effects of gravity on the joints. They can also help with conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Stress fractures of the Tibia, knee pain, hip pain and back pain.

    NOENE insoles are thin and light and can be worn with all types of footwear from trainers to casual shoes –just place them under the original insole.

    They are recommended for all ages and for all types of activity.


    Click here to view a video demonstrating the shock absorbing properties of NOENE®

    Assessment of the capacity of NOENE® insoles to attenuate vibrations during running