FREE Biomechanical Assessment “Would custom insoles help me?”

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a FREE 20 minute consultation at our Whalley Clinic.  The consultation will include a discussion of your symptoms, niggles and pains, a biomechanical assessment to assess the ranges of motions in your feet and how well they work (to help identify reasons for your symptoms) and finally, we will explain if and how custom made insoles would benefit you.

Benefits of custom insoles include support, stability, improved foot function and gait, cushioning, shock absorption and pain relief.

Custom made insoles can help a large number of foot conditions including plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, forefoot pain and big toe joint arthritis.

We would love to help you to enjoy your walking more, like so many of our patients that travel from across the country to experience the benefits of custom made insoles (testimonials page).

If you would like to discuss your feet and symptoms, to find out more about the process or to book your free biomechanical assessment call Liz direct on 07498 719283.