To celebrate the 2nd Birthday of our second clinic at Whalley Warm & Dry, we are excited to announce a very special exclusive offer for customers of Whalley Warm & Dry.  We are offering 20% discount for Gift Vouchers purchased in December 2021 valid for January to December 2022. (Use promotional code WWD2021.)

Walkers have been travelling from across the country to experience the exceptional comfort and support from hand-built Custom Made Insoles, especially beneficial for those who experience aches and pains in the feet, heels, achilles, knees or back.

Following a biomechanical assessment to identify the ranges of motion of the joints of the foot and ankle and foot function assessments to identify how well the feet work, state-of-the-art pressure plate gait analysis is carried out. The assessments help to identify reasons and explanations for niggles, aches and pains experienced whilst out walking. The next step is for a casting of each foot to be made in silicone sand and a thermo plastic insole to be placed in to the casting to create a custom made insole 100% tailored to each foot, providing exceptional comfort, cushioning, support and stability.  The custom made insoles are carefully fitted to your favourite walking boots and are ready to test out on the fells.  Our custom made insoles have become an “essential bit of kit” for many walkers.