• New Clinic @ Whalley Warm & Dry

    We are very pleased to announce that we have opened our second clinic at outdoor clothing and boot fitting specialist, Whalley Warm & Dry.

    This will offer the unique opportunity for you to have your feet expertly measured and fitted for walking boots or shoes at Whalley Warm & Dry, followed by the fitting of the unsurpassed comfort and support of hand-built custom made insoles in to your footwear at The Foot & Insole Clinic on the same day and in the same location. The two businesses have worked closely together over many years to help alleviate foot pain and discomfort experienced by many walkers including plantar fasciitis, mortons neuroma, arthritis and bunions. Customers travel from across the country to experience this very special service and we receive recommendations from many walkers, walk leaders, doctors and physios.

    To book an appointment for a boot fitting and custom made insoles please call Katy on 01254 822220 and she will co-ordinate and book the fittings for you.

  • WIN Happy Feet for Two :-)

    We have teamed up with Live Magazines to offer you the opportunity to win:

    2 x Advanced Podiatric Biomechanical Assessments and hand-built Custom Made Insoles worth £400

    2 x Myofascial Release Foam Roller sets worth £70

    To be in with a chance of winning go to:


    Closing date for the competition is Friday 13th April 2018.  Terms and Conditions apply, please see the website.

  • Why should I roll?

    • Diminish aches & pains
    • Increase flexibility
    • Increase range of motion
    • Enhance performance
    • Accelerate recovery
  • Myofascial Release Specialist

    Do you suffer from ongoing or referred pain?

    Equilibrium assessments, look at your biomechanics and myofascial system, to track the web of injuries and teach you, the tools and skills to be able to work through a personalised program in the safety of your own home.

    Sue has developed this program over her 25 years in the fitness and wellbeing industry, as a biomechanics coach and having worked as head trainer for Triggerpoint and numerous training companies across the globe.

    The appointment will look at how your mechanics currently work, and address how to restore function and movement throughout your body by using simple exercises and tools to address any dysfunction. Enabling your body to “Train the way you Play in Life”


    Date:  21 & 22 October 2016

    Location: The Foot & Insole Clinic, 68 Mitton Rd, Whalley, BB7 9RY

    Cost: Introductory Offer of £55 for 75 minute postural & biomechanical assessment followed by personalised myofascial release program


    Bookings now available online BOOK NOW

  • Myofascia Release – The Facts

    What is Fascia?

    Fascia is a specialised system of the body that has an appearance similar to a spider’s web or a sweater.  Fascia is very densely woven, covering and interpenetrating every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein, as well as, all of our internal organs including the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord.


    What is Myofascia?

    ‘Myo’ means muscle and ‘fascia’ means band.  It is like a superficial body suit which covers all of your muscles allows you to move freely, breath properly and perform our daily tasks pain-free. It spans the whole body and is totally connected as one piece of material. It is called “the tissue of movement”.

    Myofascia is a continuous structure that exists from head to toe without interruption. In this way you can begin to see that each part of the body is connected to every other part by the fascia, like the yarn in a sweater.


    What causes Fascia to change?

    There are a number of things that can affect the efficiency of fascia:

    • Posture
    • Forces (pushing, lifting)
    • Temperature
    • Hydration
    • Overuse & misuse
    • Immobilisation
    • Posture
    • Stress
    • Depression and anxiety


    What is a Trigger Point?

    When fascia is damaged or traumatised it can become too tight and restricted, it can cause knots or adhesions which can lead to the development of trigger points and cause a number of problems such as:

    • Muscle pain and spasms
    • Chronic back and neck pain
    • Recurring injuries
    • Sciatica
    • Sensations such as numbness and pins and needles
    • Poor Posture and reduced flexibility
    • Headaches
    • Breathing difficulties


    What is Self Myofascial Release and how will it help me?

    Self-myofascial release (SMR) has been shown to relieve muscle and joint pains and improve flexibility and range of motion. The goal of myofascial release is to elongate and soften the connective tissue, creating a permanent three dimensional length and width change.

    Using a GRID foam roller helps to break up trigger points and soothe tight fascia, while increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. This can lead to improved range of motion, flexibility and movement, increased blood flow and will assist in returning your muscles to normal function. This creates a decrease of muscle tension, which in turn will help prevent injury and improve performance.


    “Make foam-roller exercises part of your regular routine, to relieve aches and pains, and increase mobility in key muscle groups.”


    With thanks to Sue Wilkie, Myofascial Release Specialist


  • New Custom Made Insoles Video

    Experience the comfort of hand built custom made insoles…

    • Detailed biomechanical assessment
    • Skilfully hand built
    • 100% tailored to your feet
    • Naturally align your foot & improve posture
    • Alleviate knee, lower back & ankle pain.
    • Support, stabilise & cushion
    • Reduce forefoot & heel pain
    • Improve comfort & performance

    Find out more about the benefits and read testimonials.

    Thank you to Rhiannon for being our model for the day, we are so pleased your ankles and back are feeling much better already 🙂

  • NEW Triggerpoint Video

    Discover the benefits of myofascial massage rollers, designed to mirror a massage therapist’s finger tips…

    • Roll & release…
    • Relieve tightness & tension
    • Relieve aches & pains
    • Increase range of motion & flexibility
    • Improve performance

    Find out more @

    We had great fun making our NEW Triggerpoint Massage Roller video, we hope you enjoy 🙂

  • TP Therapy Training

    Trigger Point Training

    We would like to say a massive thank you to Trigger Point International Master Trainer Sue Wilkie.  We had an amazing afternoon of intensive myofascial release Trigger Point training!

    We learnt about our Trigger Point massage products, how to use them and their benefits.  Learning Myofascial Compression Techniques to release tightness and stiffness in the muscles, tendons and myofascia.

    Myofascial Release

    By oxygenating the blood and releasing the tightness, it makes your feet and legs feel lighter!  It really does add a “spring to your step!” Perfect!

    “TriggerPoint empowers people to reach an optimal level of movement by providing the world’s best therapeutic selfcare products and education.”

    We will be adding the latest videos from TP Therapy very soon…

  • Boys on Bikes

    Boys on Bikes

    We have been out enjoying the sunshine and our beautiful Ribble Valley with our 3 boys this half term. We would love to hear what you have been up to! Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages…

    #GetOutside #FreshAir #Bike #Walk #LoveTheNorth

  • Lancashire Life Walk – Whalley

    Lancashire Life Walk

    “John Lenehan takes us past seven million bricks on a walk with one of the finest start points in Lancashire…Whalley has everything going for it and that is why it is one of the busiest little villages in Lancashire. Railway buffs can admire the huge multi-arched viaduct that spans the Calder Valley and occasionally catch sight of a steam train crossing it. History buffs can tour the ancient abbey and church and shoppers can trawl the high fashion and gift shops and enjoy the delights of the many cafes. Then, to top it off, there are fantastic wine bars and pubs. All are good reasons to start and finish a walk there.

    This month’s hike requires good boots as there are some steep and some muddy sections to contend with – especially at the moment.”

    To view the full walk visit